Thu Jul 07 2022 16:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Torino, Toolbox Coworking


What happens when you struggle publishing your services in the cloud and you spend hours trying to solve and troubleshoot what is going on. In the end after getting sick and tired you remember that: "I just wanted to publish my services!".
We will try to solve the issue together. Even better, you will have a preview of something brand new that is coming from Traefik Labs []. Please fasten your seatbelts!

And last but not least 🍕&& 🍻 && Networking

## About the speaker

Sergio Matone is a Cloud Architect, freelance at, Traefik Ambassador and passionate for Open Source and extreme sports

Sponsors: TraefikLabs, Toolbox, CloudNativeFoundation

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Torino, Toolbox Coworking